LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY TELEVISION OR LCD TV.

Before we attemp to open or repair an lcd tv I am going to show you the different componnets inside the set or television.Lcd screen or lcd display also called lcd panel. I would say thats the most expensive part on the set and we receive many calls from people asking how to fix a craked lcd screen, well bad news there is no fix for a craked screen the only solution is replace the lcd screen and its not economical because it could cost 70 % of the total cost on the set, now if you have any vertical or horizontal lines on the screen you maight be able to fix it for probably 50% of total cost and that might vary from brand and model. Manufacturers will give you a core Discount for the old screen if not cracked and you might be able to fix it. Lcd panels have a Backlight inverter to drive the CCFL lamps inside the screen and they also might bring the t con board. We are going to focus on board level repair because its easy and safer . 






Lcd inverter boards fail very often on this type of televisions and depending the brand you might have issues with no picture but you will have sound. Sony lcd tvs have a protection circuit and what they do is that the front led or stand by light will blink showing a blinking error, red ligth will blink twice and then stop and will blink twice and will keep doing the same thing now the error codes depend and brand and model this is not standard for every tv on the market. The good news is that if your tv does not have an error code protection you are going to be able to hear the audio and if you have a flashlight you can aim the light to the front of the screen with your television on and sometimes you will be able to see the video, you have to look real hard sometimes but you have to have audio in the background if you dont have any audio and no backlights you might have a different problem.

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